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about us

When it comes to finding the right relationships for you, there’s a lot more to it than just age. Sure, TinderForOver50 helps you find singles in your ideal age group, but that’s only the start. Instead of guessing whether your matches are looking for something fun, something serious, or something else all-together, TinderForover50.com allows you to enter in the exact type of relationships you’re interested in finding. While other dating apps and sites will waste your time and pair you with matches that aren’t interested in what you’re looking for, our site cuts right to the chase and only pairs you with singles who have similar interests. Say goodbye to random and wrong matches, and say hello to TinderForOver50!

Are you done with dating apps and sites full of dishonest people and fake profiles? Are you ready to make real connections with real people? Tinder For over 50 gives you a huge selection of singles that are one hundred percent real and one hundred percent interested. While other dating sites can catfish or conn you with total fake profiles, our site is the real deal. For any type of relationship you’re looking for, TinderForOver50 is one hundred percent legit and secure. If you’re tired of guessing whether something is too good to be true when it comes to dating, you can always trust that this website is the best of both worlds - the best and the most real option for dating over 50.

TinderForOver50.com knows that privacy and protection always come first. When you’re meeting and connecting with strangers online, it’s important to make sure that your over 50 dating experience isn’t just fun but also secure. Whether you’re just looking to keep your information and identity safe, or if you’re looking for a more discreet and private relationship, our site never shares any of your information with any thirty parties or in any way without your explicit consent. All users of the site sign a binding privacy agreement to make sure that everyone’s information and data is one hundred percent secure for any type of contact or relationships.

The users and interactions that you’ll get to have on Tinder For over 50 are also more respectful and mature (and not just because of age) than other dating sites and apps. When you’re looking for new people to meet and connect with on us, you can search from a massive base of different users who are looking for all sorts of different relationships by searching the type of relationships you’re interested in and what types of over 50 singles you’re looking to connect with. Since both parties on TinderForOver50 always one hundred percent agree to any relationships that they engage in and are looking for the same types of people with similar interests and goals, online dating goes a lot smoother and more successful on our site compared to other dating sites and apps that just randomly throw you in with other singles and leave it at that.